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High angle rescue training

Source:Safeway Rope Access and Technology Co.,Ltd Popularity:-Time:2016-06-28

Upon the invitation of Shenzhen mountain rescue team, Safeway Rope Access and Technology Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Safeway)has carried out high angle rescue training from May 22nd to May 26th, 2016, performed by Xie Jinhao, IRATA Level III trainer.

Safeway, as the IRATA member, has got the official training qualifications recognized by IRATA.

IRATA rescue system for working at height and confined space is a technical system, which take the hurt or trapped personnel to the safe locations from the height or the confined space through rope access. Meanwhile, IRATA rescue system requires the full risk assessment, reasonable rescue plan and experienced operation capability.

Mountain rescue team casually come across expected and tough circumstances, therefore, despite of basic skills, team members also are required to master rescue methods and skills for different situations. Only with better skills and capacity, the rescue team could deal with special circumstances more safely and effectively.

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