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Company Overview

Safeway Rope Access and Technology Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Safeway),established in June 2013, as a professional service provider, committed to providing rope access and training services for petroleum, chemicals, wind energy, and civil building areas, mainly involved the work at height related with installation, inspection, maintenance, training, and glass curtain wall cleaning and maintenance services.

Since its establishment, Safeway, with the objective of becoming a leading and responsible contractor, has developed and performed the rope access services in accordance with national and international standards, with principle of being earnest, steadfast, safe and efficient. Up to now, Safeway has acquired the IRATA international qualification, ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18000, DROPS and glass wall cleaning certificate, etc. Meanwhile, Safeway’s staffs have acquired corresponding professional qualifications for the services.

Upon the above principles, Safeway, taking full advantages of rope access, has performed kinds of the above services for many clients at home and abroad, creating value and receiving the valuable respect and recognition from clients.