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IRATA international rope access course training

Rope Access Technique and equipment are originated from cave and rock climbing. With the more than 20-year development of rope access, equipments are approximate perfection, training systems are more and more professional. As the time goes, the applications of rope access in industrial and rescue areas is more and more extensive. 

Rescue for working at height is a technical system, which take the casualty or trapped men to the safe locations from the height by the rope access system .At the same time, completing the rope access rescue also needs the thorough risk assessment ,reasonable rescue plan and skillful technique.

IRATA International, headquartered in the UK, is an organization that has the international recognition and reputation. IRATA is aimed to make the rigorous technique guide and training codes with reference to the work with rope. And IRATA rope system is a safe and efficient system listed in the British Standard BS7985.Under the principles of IRATA, the technicians could be upgraded from level one to level three through the training and/or projects.

● People who should join in course:Industrial people work at height, fire fighter, SWAT, safety management people, emergency rescue team, rescue team, outdoor enthusiasts 

● Trainee quantity:6-8 persons

● Training time:5-day or 6-day,including 1-day assessment

● Training venue:NanShui,Zhuhai or appointed by client

● Assessment and certificate:Issue the IRATA certificate after qualified assessment

● Language:Chinese (assessed by foreign assessor)


● Basic risk assessment and management 

● Recognize the professional rescue equipments 

● Knowledge of the certifications and standards for equipments

● Equipments maintaining and management 

● Assembling of personal rescue equipments

● Knots learning 

● Rope package 

● Basic rigging and anchor

● Rigging wide and small Y-hang

● Ascending, descending and transfer

● Ascending with descender ,descending with ascender

● Passing the rope knot and deviation

● Passing the small re-blay

● Rope to rope transfer ,use of the work-seat  

● Protection in the middle rope, horizontal anchor

● Climbing with steel sling and fall arrest harness, rescue in descent mode

 IRATA international rope access course(5-day or 6-day)

● Safely work at height course(1-day)
● Confined space and work at height rescue course(3-day)

● Confined space and work at height rescue high-level course (6-day) 

● Cableway rescue course(2-day)

● Wind-electric power safely work at height and rescue course (2-day)

● IRATA working at height and confined space rescue course (8-day)

● IRATA working at height and confined space rescue high-level course (11-day)