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Cableway rescue course training

Source:Safeway Rope Access and Technology Co.,Ltd Popularity:-Time:2016-06-28

In Qiushuishan Park, Safeway Rope Access and Technology Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Safeway)has carried out cableway rescue exercise. The present domestic cableway rescue is very backward, and not so safe. Rope access rescue is the safest rescue and the most advanced technology all over the world.

Safeway, as the IRATA member, has got the official training qualifications recognized by IRATA.

Rescue team is made up of three rescue technicians with different task to improve the rescue efficiency. In general, rescue technicians could reach the hanging box within 10 minutes, and could rescue a tourist within one minute.

Cableway rescue is a technical system, which takes the casualty or trapped men to the safe locations from the height or the confined space by the rope access system. At the same time, completing the rope access rescue also needs the thorough risk assessment, reasonable rescue plan and skillful capacity.

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